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How to set a global Proton version in Steam

Q: Is it possible to set a global proton version for game installations so I don’t have to mess with it every time?

A: Yeppers

If you would rather just set a global proton version for steam to use when installing non-native titles, check out these steps.

First you will want to open Steam’s Settings page.

Now navigate to the Steam Play section.

Now under the “Advanced” heading in the Steam Play section. Check the option for “Enable Steam Play for all over titles.”

You can also select a custom proton version using the drop down list below the “Enable Steam Play for all over titles” option. We recommend just going with Proton Experimental, but feel free to experiment.

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Now that you’ve selected a global Proton for all titles, be aware you’re venturing into testing territory with no guarantee that a game will run, but fear not it’s just as easy to select a custom Proton version for a specific game.

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