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Can I Play Final Fantasy XIII On the Steam Deck?

Our Verdict

8.5 / 10

Final Fantasy XIII on the Deck is the way it was meant to be played.


Final Fantasy XIII, the often overlooked thirteenth game in the final fantasy series, exceeds any expectation on the Deck. Join the battle to save Cocoon in this science fiction fantasy RPG from anywhere you want. While the port has it’s issues. It performs very well on the Steam Deck.


Since Final Fantasy XIII is rated playable by the Steam compatibility checker, installation is super straight forward.

1. Navigate to Final Fantasy XIII in your steam games library, and just select install.

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Final Fantasy XIII On The Steam Deck

Troubleshooting / Optimizations

When you launch the game you’ll have to set your basic graphics preferences in their custom launcher.

Use Use Mouse with Steam Button plus Right Trackpad for mouse navigation.

Final Fantasy XIII runs flawlessly for the most part. I would have said flawlessly, but one part of one area I experienced frame drops down into the teens. Once I made it past that area though I had no problems. If you run into any more issues after following this guide please let us know.

I really enjoyed Final Fantasy XIII on the Deck. It’s one of those titles I’ve had in my library for a long time, but I had a hard time starting it. Playing it on the Deck fixed that problem, and I can’t get enough.

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