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Can I play Squad on Steam Deck?

Yes. Yes you can. Squad is currently Unsupported on Steam Deck, according to Valve because “This game’s anti-cheat is not configured to support Steam Deck”

This is a problem plaguing many games that you should easily be able to play on the Steam Deck. For months, Valve has been working with Epic on supporting Easy Anti-Cheat with Proton. As of January 2022, adding Proton (and thus Steam Deck) support to developers’ existing Easy Anti-Cheat games is incredibly simple. Steam offers a simple four step process to activating Easy Anti-Cheat support.

While we wait patiently for developers to decide to support Steam Deck, there are some workarounds available and Squad has a Silver rating on ProtonDB with many users playing online multiplayer with decent success.

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If you’re interested in playing Squad on Steam Deck, consider reaching out to Offworld Industries and request that they enable support for playing Squad on Linux.

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