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Can I play Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker on my Steam Deck?


Our Verdict

10 / 10

10/10 – Come with me, and you’ll see. A world of pure imagination. – Willy Wonka


Final Fantasy XIV on Steam Deck

Final Fantasy XIV is the hugely successful MMO entrant in the Final Fantasy RPG series by Square Enix. With multiple expansions including the latest, Endwalker, there is no shortage of content.

Final Fantasy XIV aesthetician Jandelaine cutscene screenshot

I was super excited to dig into one of the greatest MMORPG’s available again, and I wasn’t disappointed. Diving into the immersive world of Eorzea on the Steam Deck felt like a natural combination. The Deck’s graphical performance combined with the game pad friendly controls Square Enix Includes. Makes playing Final Fantasy XIV on the deck amazing.

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While both ProtonDB and Valve don’t give it a perfect rating, Don’t let that deter you. Final Fantasy XIV plays perfectly on the Steam Deck and if you’re looking for some great fantasy MMORPG action it would be a great addition to any game library.

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