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Can I Play Cult of the Lamb on the Steam Deck?

Our Verdict

10 / 10

This game fulfills all of my dreams. I am a fluffy lamb. There is no more.

It’s the end of my first night as a cult leader, I take pride in watching over my flock

Cult of the Lamb is Playable on Steam Deck

According to Valve, this game is playable because you might need to manually invoke the onscreen keyboard using Steam + X.

Show or Hide Keyboard with Steam Button plus X Button
Toggle the On Screen Keyboard

You might also come across some small, hard to read text, especially while playing in handheld mode.

Overall, these are minimal problems, although I did do a bit of squinting.

Preach to your followers in your own temple!

Adorably Blasphemous

If you have any issues with seeing satanic symbolism, give this one a pass. If you have always wanted to be an all-powerful cult leader, come on in!

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The art is incredible, the characters are precious. I never realized how hard being a cult leader was until I was literally cleaning up my followers poop because they are lawless heathens.

Building my shrine <3

Farming, Crafting & More

Cult of the Lamb isn’t just a slash and hack where you find people to be faithful followers. I love that you can grow food, cook for your family, build homes….

Wait, your family? Uh oh, I might be getting attached. I would not make a good cult leader.

It me.

Final Thoughts

There is not a whole lot of content, you can easily finish this game in a weekend, but it’s wildly enjoyable if you’re into the satanic aesthetic.

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