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Why is Tales of Berseria Unsupported on the Steam Deck?

Tales of Berseria, first released in 2016, has been a favorite of mine for a while now, and I have played it exclusively on a Linux machine. So why is Tales of Berseria Unsupported on the Steam Deck?

According to Valve’s testing, Valve is still working on adding support for this game on Steam Deck. Despite this, Tales has been enjoyed by many on Linux machines and has a Gold rating on ProtonDB.

From experience playing Tales of Berseria on Linux, our best guess is that this game may be a little to volatile for Valve’s liking. Gameplay was consistently great, but sometimes I would have to launch it twice and other minor issues.

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All that being said, you can absolutely still play Tales of Berseria on the Steam Deck. Just because a game is being called “Unsupported” doesn’t mean that it won’t run on Linux, it might just take a little more finagling.

Screenshots of Tales of Berseria on the Steam Deck

How do I Install Tales of Berseria on Steam Deck?

We have a whole step-by-step walk through if you’re struggling to get Tales working on your Steam Deck.

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