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64gb Steam Deck Start Up and Game Transfer

It’s here! After missing my order window, I was able to preorder and within a week secure a 64gb Steam Deck. Since we also have a 512 model, I figured there was no need to spend the extra money.

One thing I was curious about was if I could take one my SD cards from one machine and put it in the other and just play minutes after unboxing. (I did let it charge first, it’s okay)

I tried to record an unboxing video, but it was kind of trash so I’ll save you the time.

After connecting to wi-fi, no you can’t see my network name, the setup process began. I’m assuming it had some stuff to download because it certainly took a while. I live in the actual forest and have DSL, so I got to work on a side project, a super granny crocheted bag for my Steam Deck case while I waited.

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Once it was on, I was ready to check on my cult members! I popped in the SD card, although it didn’t seem to be acknowledged at first. To be fair, that might be user error. Once the SD Card was in and reading, all of the games from the card were available in my library and ready to play!

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