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Star Wars: The Old Republic is Playable on Steam Deck

According to Steam’s recently launched compatibility checker, Star Wars: The Old Republic is Playable on the Steam Deck.

This game has a platinum rating on ProtonDB, which means that any issues preventing The Old Republic from achieving Verified status are primarily due the handheld format of the Steam Deck.

According to Steam, The Old Republic has three issues that might take extra effort for users to be able to play the game. First, this game’s launcher or setup tool may require the use of the Steam Deck’s touchscreen or virtual keyboard, 0r have difficult to read text. The Old Republic may also sometime show the mouse, keyboard, or icons that don’t match the Steam Deck. Finally, some text entry may require invoking the on-screen keyboard manually.

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Overall, we think these issues may cause only minor announce and the ability to play an MMO on the go is well worth it. Hopefully in the future, the developers of Star Wars: The Old Republic can work to resolve these issues and get the game Verified on the Steam Deck.

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