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Testing The Legend of Pomodoro on the Steam Deck

Our Verdict

8 / 10

The Legend of Pomodoro is a fun way to gamify your productivity!


What is The Legend of Pomodoro

The Legend of Pomodoro is an idle game and Pomodoro productivity tracker in one! Support your town by growing precious tomatoes.

I forced the use of Proton Experimental

Installing The Legend of Pomodoro on the Steam Deck

When I first downloaded The Legend of Pomodoro, I couldn’t get it to launch on the Steam Deck. Thankfully, in the Compatibility menu, I was able to switch my Proton version to Proton Experimental and it started!

This is my go to if I’m running into any problems playing a game on the Steam Deck, and honestly, it fixes quite a lot of them.

Standard Pomodoro Schedule

Gameplay and Functionality

Collect tomatoes, fight in the wilderness, actually do your work! The Legend of Pomodoro is a fun way to add a gamified element to everyday tasks.

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I enjoyed that there were a lot of little achievements that gave me the dopamine hit I needed to keep working.

After a few consecutive work cycles, the game prompted me to take a longer break which was much needed and appreciated.

I do kind of wish there was some music, just to complement the ambiance of the town.

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