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Steam Deck Compatibility Tool Launches

With less than 24 hours remaining until the Steam Deck launch, Steam has released a tool to check games from your library to see what you’ll be able to play.

Steam currently is working through their entire library of over 60,000, assigning each one a ranking from Verified to Unknown.


Verified Games work great on Steam Deck, right out of the box. These games already have compatible control schemes and include games like Death Stranding and God of War.


Playable games may require manual tweaking to play such as selecting a community controller config or needing to use the touchscreen to navigate a launcher. These games should perform well but need extra support from their developers to move to Verified. This category includes games like Kerbal Space Program, GTA V, and Morrowind.


Games in the Unsupported categories have been tested by Valve and currently don’t function on Steam Deck. These games generally are either incompatible with Proton or specific hardware components.


While Steam intends on reviewing all of the games in their catalog, many remain unreviewed and are all put in the Unknown category.

Using Valve’s Tool on My Library

According to Steam, I own 359 games. Below is a chart based on the data I received from Steam regarding my library’s compatibility.

Chart by Visualizer

As you can see, the Untested category contains 379 games, and a total of 453 games, and I am still not sure where the nearly 100 extra games coming from that are not reflected in my library?

Verified: 22 Games

Verified games make up less than 5% of my library.

Playable: 38

Unsupported: 14

Unsupported contains multiple games that I have successfully enjoyed on Linux such as Tales of Berseria and Planetside 2. Tales of Berseria has a Gold rating on ProtonDB. Some games like Halo Master Chief Collection can be played, but only the campaigns due to Easy Anti-Cheat. Squad, another Unsupported Game, also uses Easy Anti-Cheat, but with a workaround, it has achieved a Gold rating on ProtonDB.

Untested: 379

This is more games than I own?

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