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Missing Blood Moon Ritual in Cult of the Lamb

I’ve been playing a lot of Cult of the Lamb and the announcement of the Blood Moon event was very exciting! Unfortunately, when I went into the temple and tried to perform the ritual, it wasn’t there!

Unfortunately, the supported fix seems to be to send your save file to a random user on Discord and they would fix the file and send it back. This did not sit right with me, so I decided to give it a try and then look at the save file to figure out what they did to fix my save.

I used the following site to decrypt my save file: Pentalex COTL Save Decryptor

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In this decrypted save file, search for “ActiveSeasonalEvents” and change the 1 to a 0.

Then, I moved the saved file that I had downloaded and edited into my save folder and renamed it to replace my current save file.

That’s it! The next time I launched Cult of the Lamb, as soon as I loaded my save file, I received this splash screen explaining about the Blood Moon Event. The Ritual was now unlocked and after performing it, little ghosties of my past followers began to appear!

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