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Harvestella on the Steam Deck

Our Verdict

10 / 10

A combo between classic Square Enix and Harvest Moon, a dream come true


Can I play Harvestella on the Steam Deck?

Absolutely! Despite one minor snag where I couldn’t get past character creation in desktop mode, switching to handheld gave a better experience and allowed me to start the game!

I was able to load my save in desktop and keep playing, so that’s a little annoying but not terrible.

Harvestella Offers Non-Binary Characters!

This was way less exciting than expected. Rather than offering character customization, they really just offer to characters and 4 basic skin colors. The first model has a wider stance and bulkier arms. The other stands with their legs together and has the tiniest arms to ever wield a sword.

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It’s amazing how despite bragging about have a third gender option, they couldn’t even have a third middle of the road model? Not saying that non-binary people are somehow just “in the middle,” more that I think they needed a character that was even more traditionally masculine. I do not relate at all to the character that stands primly and has arms that snap when they wave constantly in conversation, and I only barely identify with the other character.

And don’t get me started on the skin options. I selected the second darkest option.


Don’t even offer character customization if this is what you give us. Don’t act like adding the words “non-binary” mean jack when every single npc starts out with being identified with a gender until they tell us their name.

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